IronPort Mail Scrubbing

If you have a mail server without filtering, what kinds of emails are getting to your mail server? Every spammer, robot, and identity theft maven considers your mail server fair game. While a Deep Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall is the current technology used to combat viruses, hacking and other internet based threats into your network, protecting against threats contained in email messages is a different story. IronPort Email Security devices inspect every incoming mail message before it gets to your mail server, and gets rid of more than just spam. IronPort is currently the industry leader; Cisco bought them out two years ago before their market share got too big.

Purchasing Email Scrubbing

Luckily you don't have to buy one of these expensive devices to protect your mail server and save employee productivity and bandwidth. For $3.00 a month per email address we can filter your mail off site before it hits your network edge. We can also sell you one of these devices if you prefer.

We have 2 Network Operation Centers with plenty of bandwidth and server virtualization and failover to ensure your mail always gets to you. Since we can filter it offsite - it saves you loads of bandwidth at your company.

Call us today to see just how easy it is to save bandwidth. So long as you can create a rule on your firewall, we can show you within 24 hours how divine our service is.