Remote System Administration

Your Windows servers and workstations are business-critical components of your network, finding, keeping, and financing a fulltime system administrator to tend to those components can be a challenging task. System administrators can be hard to find and hard to keep, and they sport a price tag that is climbing with that shortage. Our Remote System Administration service offers an attractive alternative that reduces or even eliminates your need for on-site support staff by providing you with the entire spectrum of Windows system management tasks, either on-site or remotely, in nearly any combination that fits your business needs. The remote service assures you that your Windows systems will be watched over by the people who know them best: Tidewater Technology Solutions.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The Remote System Administration service is the most cost effective way to solve your IT management issues. Whether you lack an in-house system administrator, have a system administrator without certain specialized Windows application or OS skills, or just find there are too many tasks for too few staff members, the Remote System Administration service provides an efficient solution. With our remote service, there is no need to add staff for Windows system administration, and the workload for your current system administrator can be reduced or redistributed.

Consistent and Reliable System Administration

Most importantly, the Remote System Administration service provides a level of stability and consistency in Windows system administration that can't be found otherwise. Our service provides access to our world-class expertise that manages your systems and resolves your requests promptly. The risk of compromising your system's reliability during employee turnover is eliminated.

Comprehensive System Monitoring and Reporting

Our Remote System Administration service provides thorough, ongoing monitoring of your system. We provide a responsive support environment for achieving levels of high availability. We personally manage your system activity, including broadband connectivity, login attempts and failures, critical error messages, performance and availability of designated systems, and user processes. We can implement corrective action is implemented remotely or on-site whenever appropriate.

At scheduled times during the year, we can also review with you the status of your system, offering new capacity and resource recommendations based on what has been observed while administering it. We document day-to-day system activity and give you insight into system usage and performance patterns. We can analyse downtime patterns, security break-ins, failed logins, system availability, load peaks, resource shortages, and performance measurements. We can help you make the right decisions to optimize your IT infrastructure.

System Administration Based on Your Business Needs

Our Remote System Administration service lets you devise the best balance of on-site and remote administration for your needs. Tidewater Technology Solutions can resolve many requests you might have through Remote System Administration, but some tasks may be better suited to on-site system administration, such as initial software installation, initial system configuration, and major OS upgrades.

Remote System Administration is a comprehensive support solution that is based on a thorough site assessment-before the sale-as well as a clear determination of your remote administration requirements and what preparations will be necessary to bring your site to a well-defined starting point. During the initial implementation, we will discuss all steps of the implementation with you prior to beginning. We then install the hardware and software necessary for remote administration, and perform any reconfiguration required to bring all administered systems to a known state for easier monitoring and management. Configuration changes are documented and provided to you.